We are lemore

LeMore was founded by a team of tech and creative enthusiasts who want to bring the amazing projects they see in China to the U.S. A good product should not stay known only locally, it should be known by the world! With experience in hardware marketing in both U.S. and China, LeMore has the skills and knowledge to make your product shine both domestically and internationally.




Project Director

Project Director

Digital Marketing Team

Jeanie Nie
Project Manager

Davina Xiang
Ads Manager

Sam Zhang
Visual Designer

Sales Team

Yan Xia

Kelsea Zhang
Ads Manager

Di Fu
Visual Designer

Curt Blakeney
PR Partner

Open Positions

Copy Writer

LeMore is a marketing agency that primarily focuses on Chinese companies in the U.S. market. We strive to let good products become known to the world. Our specialty is in crowdfunding so we are looking for an intern who can create clever, interesting copies that make the complicated tech hardware products more understandable to normal consumers. 


  • Writing website copies
  • Writing advertising copies
  • Writing social media copies
  • Writing email marketing copies
  • Researching the U.S. market
  • Editing content / copy



  • Currently majoring in English, Business, or Marketing
  • Native or professional in English
  • Aware of social media and U.S. pop culture  
  • Uses social media and is familiar with it


    Required - American English, Copywriting, Academic English
   Preferred - Chinese



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